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I arrived in Lexington 20 years ago. My spouse, Allison, and I bought our first home 19 years ago. It was all we could afford and everything we wanted! Since then, we have made a home for ourselves in four different houses in four different neighborhoods across Lexington. Each house was the best home. Our favorite. For Allison and I, we found the American Dream in owning a home. It isn’t cliché if it’s true! We have built a life together, a family, a community of friends and neighbors, a past, and a future that we still look forward to discovering. The right home becomes a canvas for the creation of a life well lived, for memory and for imagination.

Immediately after graduating from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, I began a short career in Historic Preservation. In those 4 years, I began to understand houses, and architecture broadly, as something more than just a structure to keep us safe and dry. I finally understood the work and art of a home’s creation. Too, I began to understand the work that homes do. How the structure itself creates and shapes how we live, work, and interact inside them.

In graduate school at UK, after reading, writing, and grading, I began remodeling our home, usually late into the night. The projects grew until one day I realized I might like to try real estate. I haven’t looked back.

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Andrew Moreman

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1999 Richmond Road
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